How To Put On Goalie Gear


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The exact order of putting hockey gear on is never really exact and usually varies from goaltender to goaltender. However, here is a slideshow of some pictures that will help you understand how it is commonly put on. The starting point can usually be anywhere except for the gloves because then it is rather difficult to put on other pieces, obviously.

In this example our model starts off with his leg pads. The normal size of leg pads are in between 32 and 38 inches. But obviously some goalies are different sizes.

Next we are going to put on the chest piece, which is pretty simple; you put it directly over your head. Obviously the example in the pictures is not a full piece and more professional plays will use something a lot larger. There are five main pieces of a chest piece, throat protector, shoulder cap, chest guard, elbow block, and belly flap.

After that we are moving onto the helmet which is something that is always interesting to see. Because goalies in most leagues have free rein on what they want their mask to look like so there are obviously some that are far more interesting than others. This is pretty standard as well; you just simple pull the back and slip in on your head.

From there we go to the gloves, there are two different types of gloves, the blocker and the glove. Clearly the glove is to catch the pucks while the blocker is to hold the stick.

After that we are just about done, all that is left is the stick. The different types of sticks are very near to infinite, so it is up to the preferences of the goalie on how they would like it set up.

There you go, now you are all suited up and ready to play, once you have a jersey that is.