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Bloody Hockey Player

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I just wanted to check in and see what you think about my blog so far and if there is anything you would like to see from me in the near future. I am very open to feedback and constructive criticism, so let me hear it. I know I said I would be doing more stuff with the KHL and the AHL so I am going to try and bring that stuff up for you soon. Thank you all so much for being so awesome on this blog.

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Profile: Gary Bettman

Gary Bettman Snow

Gary Bettman on a snowy day.

Gary Bettman was born June 2nd 1952 in Queens, New York. He was a graduate of Cornell University which was located in Ithaca, New York. While at Cornell he became a brother of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, from there he attended the New York University School of Law.

Something that is I feel is slightly over looked is that the NHL was not the only thing Bettman has done for a career. After working at a law firm for some time he began working for the National Basketball Association, he started out just in the marketing and legal departments and eventually he managed to reach as high as third in command. From there he then started working for the NHL.

Gary Bettmen Headshot

Photograph by Christopher Wahl

Currently he is the commissioner of the National Hockey League and is well known in the Hockey community. The main, but not sole, reason for this is because he was the center of three separate labor stoppages. Obviously this has made him very unpopular to the majority of fans.

However that is not to say that he has done nothing for the league. Due to him the league has seen a rapid revenue growth, jumping from 400 million to an astounding 3 billion.

Speaking of the labor stoppages, there is one going on currently between the players and the league itself. The labor talks have primarily just been going around in circles, and recently Bettman was on record saying that if a deal is not met by November 2nd then there is a strong possibility that the season will not consist of the normal 82 games. Obviously this has not been received well by the hockey community especially with the fans.

Gary Bettman

Photo Taken by Laura Astorian

Interview With a Hockey Fan. (or two)

So I have something special for you guys and gals this week. I wanted to examine the differences between someone who only knows a small amount about hockey and someone who knows a great deal about hockey.

I was interested to see how different their responses would be when asked the same question. I also wanted to discover if the difference would be by a large margin or if it would be minuscule. So let’s have a listen and see how it goes.


So, like I said overall I do not think there was a major difference I think that the only differences were very subtle.

If you were unable to tell the more experienced fan was Steve Lau. In my opinion it was easier to distinguish him as the bigger fan because he is a large fan of another team outside of Pittsburgh, which shows he is not just a Pittsburgh fan because that is where he is from.

Another distinguishable characteristic is hidden in his favorite part of the sport, he talks about the grace and how it is a team sport where Johnie Friewald said that she enjoys the fans and that she was a fan of fighting.

An easy way to tell a new fan from and old fan is by how much they enjoy the fighting. Obviously there are older fans that enjoy the fighting, but that is just a good rule of thumb.

Hockey, Charity, and Fun.

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Hey guys and gals! Tonight I went to a hockey game at the Consol Energy Center! A little confused because of the NHL lockout? Allow me to explain, the fine upstanding officers of the Pittsburgh Police Department laced up their skates to do battle against the Pittsburgh Firemen in a charity event for a firefighter named Matt Onysko struggling with Lou Gehrigs disease.

Now naturally this sounds like a pretty cool event in general, but when this is the first time a puck has been dropped in the arena since April it seems more like a game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals. The game itself was pretty standard, obviously the players were not professional but they did the best they could.

After a hard fought battle (and the gloves were dropped once) the Police were named the victors by a dominating 10 to 3 lead. However the police’s victory was carried strongly on the back of one particular player who happened to score two separate hat tricks! (That is 6 goals for you new fans.)

The most heartwarming moment was Onysko and his chief were interviewed and the chief did all the talking until the end when Onysko was asked if he wanted to say anything and managed to say thank you to everyone who came out to support him, before he fought to hold back tears.

The event itself had a very fun and easy going feel to it as a whole, because it was not about who won or who lost but about helping the people that give their lives to help us.

P.s. Here is a video I managed to put together from the some clips I took of the game. The first part was a peewee shoot out competition.

Charity Hockey

Click here for a video!

How To Put On Goalie Gear


Click here to see how to put on goalie gear!

The exact order of putting hockey gear on is never really exact and usually varies from goaltender to goaltender. However, here is a slideshow of some pictures that will help you understand how it is commonly put on. The starting point can usually be anywhere except for the gloves because then it is rather difficult to put on other pieces, obviously.

In this example our model starts off with his leg pads. The normal size of leg pads are in between 32 and 38 inches. But obviously some goalies are different sizes.

Next we are going to put on the chest piece, which is pretty simple; you put it directly over your head. Obviously the example in the pictures is not a full piece and more professional plays will use something a lot larger. There are five main pieces of a chest piece, throat protector, shoulder cap, chest guard, elbow block, and belly flap.

After that we are moving onto the helmet which is something that is always interesting to see. Because goalies in most leagues have free rein on what they want their mask to look like so there are obviously some that are far more interesting than others. This is pretty standard as well; you just simple pull the back and slip in on your head.

From there we go to the gloves, there are two different types of gloves, the blocker and the glove. Clearly the glove is to catch the pucks while the blocker is to hold the stick.

After that we are just about done, all that is left is the stick. The different types of sticks are very near to infinite, so it is up to the preferences of the goalie on how they would like it set up.

There you go, now you are all suited up and ready to play, once you have a jersey that is.

The Top 5 Teams in the NHL Last Season

Hockey Team

Photo by iwona_kellie on Flickr

1. Los Angeles Kings

The Los Angeles Kings were obviously one of the best teams to play in the NHL last year, considering they won the Stanley Cup. With an offensive threat like Anze Kopitar who had 51 assist and 25 goals, and Dustin Brown’s explosive run in the post season with 20 registered points there is no wonder why the Kings were so productive this last season. Not to mention the MVP Jonathan Quick who went on a 3 game shutout streak that is simple unheard of. Quick ended his year with 13 registered shutouts which is first in the league. The Kings were known to be a contender for the cup all throughout the season and they went on to win it.

2. Vancouver Canucks

What more can I saw about the Los Angeles Kings? They were absolutely stunning last season, and with the powerhouse twins Henrik and Daniel Sedin who had a combined total of 148 points during the last season, it is hard to argue that they weren’t  The teams more “goon-like” player Alexandre Burrows still managed to have an above average season with 28 goals and 24 assists. While in net the Canucks relied mainly on Roberto Luongo who was the all star goalie of 2 seasons before, although out of the 55 games that he played in he ended his season with 31 wins, which is not very easy to do. The Canucks ended their season as the number 1 seed in the playoffs with 51 wins and only 22 loses.

3. New York Rangers

When somebody mentions the New York Rangers two names are thought of; Marian Gaborik and Henrik Lundqvist. For those unaware, Marian Gaborik is the team’s rights winger on the first line who had a stunning 41 goals last season, and played in every regular season game which is always a thing to be happy about. Henrik Lundqvist on the other hand is usually a man who needs little to no introduction. He is considered one of the greatest goalies of all time, and tends to go very early in most fantasy leagues, in this past season he only gave up only 18 loses during the regular season. What really helped the Rangers throughout the season are the multiple offensive threats, with five different players above 40 points, one of those being Michael Del Zotto who is a defenseman, it is hard not to win games.

4. Pittsburgh Penguins

The key to the Pittsburgh Penguins are the number of asset they have at their disposal, namely the offensive powerhouse Evegeni Malkin who lead the league in points at 109. Not to mention Jordan Staal who is a third line center with 50 points on the season, and though he may have only played 22 games during the season Sydney Crosby is not one to be overlooked. The main thing that has been holding the Penguins back for the last two seasons is that the team has been flooded with injuries left and right. The goalie situation is handled mainly by Marc-Andre Fleury who was simply outstanding last season with 42 wins and only 17 loses. The Penguins were heavily favored to go far in the post season but unfortunately lost in the first round.

5. The Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins are one of the most feared teams currently in the NHL. They play an old fashioned rough and tumble game of hockey while still putting up an outstanding number of goals. This past season the Bruins had four separate plays register over 60 points, three of them being centers on the team giving them incredible depth. One of the most influential players being Milan Lucic who until this season was known mainly as a goon or fighter, however with 26 goals and 39 assists it is hard to believe he still managed to rack up 135 penalty minutes, while Patrice Bergeron scored only 3 more points than him only had 20 penalty minutes on the year. Tim Thomas was the goaltender relied on mainly and with good reason due to his unprecedented showing in the previous season’s playoffs where the Bruins had won the cup.

A Little Bit About Myself

 Hello and Welcome!

As a huge hockey fan, I decided that I wanted to create a place where other lovers of hockey could come and read cool news about the sport and maybe even post some comments of their own. I plan on covering everything from highlights on particular players to recent noteworthy trades.

Hockey Players

“OWW Ice Hockey” by GregDaly on Flickr.

I currently live in Pittsburgh and have all my life, so over the past few years, I have been able to watch the Pittsburgh Penguins grow into the strong team they now are. I have always loved hockey, but in recent years, it has become something that is a huge part of my life. I follow the Pens, but I also enjoy following other NHL teams, such as the Boston Bruins and the Anaheim Ducks. As for the AHL, I like to follow the St. John’s Icecaps and the Dinamo Riga from Latvia for the KHL. With this blog, I don’t want to just focus on the NHL, so plan on seeing some posts about the AHL and KHL as well.

Be sure to check out the site every Saturday for a new post and don’t forget to tell your friends to check it out too!

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