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Hey all! Here is the big post I was telling you about! This entire post will be dedicated to the KHL or the Kontinental Hockey League, which is the primary league in Eurasia. Some consider it a step down from the NHL but a step up from the AHL. There are currently 26 teams that play in the league, and out of those 20 of them are from Russia.

An interesting fact is that they are considered the 2nd best league in the world although the KHL was only founded in 2008. Personally I think that speaks volumes of their dedication and commitment to the sport.

I would like to start things off with a map mash-up similar to the one I did earlier in the year however this one will be outlining the KHL instead of the NHL.

Click Here For The Map Mash-Up

As you can see it is pretty spread out in some areas and then really close together in other, which is somewhat similar to the NHL and is due to population bases in the locations that teams are home to.

While I was thinking about the different areas that they play in I realized how interesting it would be to see the difference in attendance record between both leagues. So here is a chart detailing the total attendance in the past year for both.

Attendance chart

Clearly this is a little bit of a blowout, which might be due to the fact that it is a young league although I personally think that hockey is not really a dominate sport, like soccer, in some of the countries, excluding Russia.

However, I don’t think the KHL should be looked over by any means. I think it is interesting to note the skill level that the players have. (I think you know where this is going) So I put together a chart outlining both leagues top scorers.

Player Performance Chart

As you can see the NHL players still hold more points but I think it is important to remember that the KHL players are not that far behind and they should not be looked over when it comes to skill.

I know at this point you might be breathing a sigh of relief because that is my last chart that I am going to show you all. However, that is not the last of this post by any means. Since the KHL is such a young league I thought it would be fascinating to see a timeline of the league itself detailing its creation and major events.

Click Here To See The Timeline

I thought this was really interesting and it was sad to hear about the tragedy that befell the one team that lost all but one of their players in a plane crash. It is never fun to see something like that happen no matter who your favorite team is. I remember when it happened and the overwhelming support that a lot of NHL teams had for the team and the families of those who were lost.

And lastly I figured since I did not know much about the KHL I went out on a limb and wondered if other people knew as little as I did about it. So I decided to interview two people asking them questions about it. They may sound a little familiar because I interviewed them before earlier in the year, because I figured it would be pointless to ask random people who do not know anything about hockey in general about a Eurasian hockey league.

I thought it was really interesting that people who claim to know a large amount about hockey knew so little about basic knowledge dealing with the KHL. I also thought it was pretty funny that the one interviewee thought the K meant Kazakhstan, it was really random. I think this shows the large disconnect between Americans and the rest of the world.

Well folks, that about sums up this extremely long post about the KHL. I hope you enjoyed reading it just as much as I enjoyed making it.

Thank you all so much.


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