It’s Lockout Time

Hey all! This week I put together a little on camera interview for you. In the video I discuss the current lockout going on between the players and the NHL. I also get some feedback from fellow hockey enthusiasts on what they think is wrong with the lockout.

If you are unaware what is going on right now then you might be living under a rock. (or a puck) Although if you really are unaware allow me to inform you. The players of the NHL are currently locked out of all things dealing with the NHL. This is happening because of the collective bargaining agreement,(CBA) which expired before the season was set to start. Unfortunately this is all coming down to money, which seems to happen a lot lately.

Because the CBA expired before the NHL and the players could reach a new agreement they are unable to play or practice. If they would even communicate with the owners or the staff they would be fined a ridiculous sum of money. This is mainly because Gary Bettman has a very strict set of rules enforced and is not afraid to punish those who break his rules.

Currently they are still trying to agree on a CBA that is equal to all parties although personally to me it seems as thought the players want more than what is equal, but that is just me.

Thank you all for watching and reading.


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