Interview With a Hockey Fan. (or two)

So I have something special for you guys and gals this week. I wanted to examine the differences between someone who only knows a small amount about hockey and someone who knows a great deal about hockey.

I was interested to see how different their responses would be when asked the same question. I also wanted to discover if the difference would be by a large margin or if it would be minuscule. So let’s have a listen and see how it goes.


So, like I said overall I do not think there was a major difference I think that the only differences were very subtle.

If you were unable to tell the more experienced fan was Steve Lau. In my opinion it was easier to distinguish him as the bigger fan because he is a large fan of another team outside of Pittsburgh, which shows he is not just a Pittsburgh fan because that is where he is from.

Another distinguishable characteristic is hidden in his favorite part of the sport, he talks about the grace and how it is a team sport where Johnie Friewald said that she enjoys the fans and that she was a fan of fighting.

An easy way to tell a new fan from and old fan is by how much they enjoy the fighting. Obviously there are older fans that enjoy the fighting, but that is just a good rule of thumb.


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