Hockey, Charity, and Fun.

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Hey guys and gals! Tonight I went to a hockey game at the Consol Energy Center! A little confused because of the NHL lockout? Allow me to explain, the fine upstanding officers of the Pittsburgh Police Department laced up their skates to do battle against the Pittsburgh Firemen in a charity event for a firefighter named Matt Onysko struggling with Lou Gehrigs disease.

Now naturally this sounds like a pretty cool event in general, but when this is the first time a puck has been dropped in the arena since April it seems more like a game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals. The game itself was pretty standard, obviously the players were not professional but they did the best they could.

After a hard fought battle (and the gloves were dropped once) the Police were named the victors by a dominating 10 to 3 lead. However the police’s victory was carried strongly on the back of one particular player who happened to score two separate hat tricks! (That is 6 goals for you new fans.)

The most heartwarming moment was Onysko and his chief were interviewed and the chief did all the talking until the end when Onysko was asked if he wanted to say anything and managed to say thank you to everyone who came out to support him, before he fought to hold back tears.

The event itself had a very fun and easy going feel to it as a whole, because it was not about who won or who lost but about helping the people that give their lives to help us.

P.s. Here is a video I managed to put together from the some clips I took of the game. The first part was a peewee shoot out competition.

Charity Hockey

Click here for a video!


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