The Top 5 Teams in the NHL Last Season

Hockey Team

Photo by iwona_kellie on Flickr

1. Los Angeles Kings

The Los Angeles Kings were obviously one of the best teams to play in the NHL last year, considering they won the Stanley Cup. With an offensive threat like Anze Kopitar who had 51 assist and 25 goals, and Dustin Brown’s explosive run in the post season with 20 registered points there is no wonder why the Kings were so productive this last season. Not to mention the MVP Jonathan Quick who went on a 3 game shutout streak that is simple unheard of. Quick ended his year with 13 registered shutouts which is first in the league. The Kings were known to be a contender for the cup all throughout the season and they went on to win it.

2. Vancouver Canucks

What more can I saw about the Los Angeles Kings? They were absolutely stunning last season, and with the powerhouse twins Henrik and Daniel Sedin who had a combined total of 148 points during the last season, it is hard to argue that they weren’t  The teams more “goon-like” player Alexandre Burrows still managed to have an above average season with 28 goals and 24 assists. While in net the Canucks relied mainly on Roberto Luongo who was the all star goalie of 2 seasons before, although out of the 55 games that he played in he ended his season with 31 wins, which is not very easy to do. The Canucks ended their season as the number 1 seed in the playoffs with 51 wins and only 22 loses.

3. New York Rangers

When somebody mentions the New York Rangers two names are thought of; Marian Gaborik and Henrik Lundqvist. For those unaware, Marian Gaborik is the team’s rights winger on the first line who had a stunning 41 goals last season, and played in every regular season game which is always a thing to be happy about. Henrik Lundqvist on the other hand is usually a man who needs little to no introduction. He is considered one of the greatest goalies of all time, and tends to go very early in most fantasy leagues, in this past season he only gave up only 18 loses during the regular season. What really helped the Rangers throughout the season are the multiple offensive threats, with five different players above 40 points, one of those being Michael Del Zotto who is a defenseman, it is hard not to win games.

4. Pittsburgh Penguins

The key to the Pittsburgh Penguins are the number of asset they have at their disposal, namely the offensive powerhouse Evegeni Malkin who lead the league in points at 109. Not to mention Jordan Staal who is a third line center with 50 points on the season, and though he may have only played 22 games during the season Sydney Crosby is not one to be overlooked. The main thing that has been holding the Penguins back for the last two seasons is that the team has been flooded with injuries left and right. The goalie situation is handled mainly by Marc-Andre Fleury who was simply outstanding last season with 42 wins and only 17 loses. The Penguins were heavily favored to go far in the post season but unfortunately lost in the first round.

5. The Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins are one of the most feared teams currently in the NHL. They play an old fashioned rough and tumble game of hockey while still putting up an outstanding number of goals. This past season the Bruins had four separate plays register over 60 points, three of them being centers on the team giving them incredible depth. One of the most influential players being Milan Lucic who until this season was known mainly as a goon or fighter, however with 26 goals and 39 assists it is hard to believe he still managed to rack up 135 penalty minutes, while Patrice Bergeron scored only 3 more points than him only had 20 penalty minutes on the year. Tim Thomas was the goaltender relied on mainly and with good reason due to his unprecedented showing in the previous season’s playoffs where the Bruins had won the cup.


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